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Energy Saving Tip:
Buy Blackout Curtains

Keeping your window coverings pulled shut during the hottest part of the day can really help keep your house cool. Using blackout curtains will improve your odds from keeping the suns rays from entering your house through your windows, which will ensure a cooler temperature in your home, less ac run time, and put energy saving dollars back in your pocket. You can also purchase insulation curtains that will insulate in the cold air and keep the hot air out.

Glendale Air Conditioning
Service Technician Calls

Service Call: Customer states that he likes his home very cold and that his swamp cooler is omitting a burning smell and is not working right. He says that the motor is bad and wants a quote to replace it.

I give him a quote for a new motor over the phone and we schedule the appointment.

Swamp cooler diagnostic/repair: Upon diagnosis I found that the motor was okay and that the water pump was the problem. I quoted the customer for a new water pump (which was quite a bit less of an expense), he approved the repair quote and asked to have the pads replaced as well.

After completing the work I noticed that the water distribution lines were clogged and not allowing the entire pads to be saturated with water - (thereby reducing its efficiency). So I cleaned out the lines to resolve this problem at no extra charge to the customer.

Swamp Cooler operates normally. Customers is happy and stated that he'll call me back out during the summer to do the annual maintenance on his air conditioner.

Service Call: Customer says unit works for a while, then it stops blowing air. He says that he shuts the unit down for a few hours, then turns the unit back on and it works for a little bit. Then he needs to shut it down again. Rinse, repeat, etc...

AC Repair: A/C unit was low on freon and intermittently freezing/icing the indoor coil. When an air conditioner becomes low on refrigerant, it decreases the pressures. When there's a decrease in pressure, there's a corresponding decrease in temperature. Once this low pressure reaches a temperature of 32 degrees or less (a.k.a freezing point), the coils build up a layer of ice. This ice blocks the flow of air that would normally flow through the coils and into the living space. If you were to shut the unit down for a few hours, the ice on the coils would melt and you could turn the unit back on and receive cold air until it ices up again.

I recommended a leak check and repair but customer declined and just wanted freon added to his system. Added freon. Unit operates normally @ this time with a small refrigerant leak.

Glendale Air Conditioning
Service Technician Calls Cont'd

Service Call: Customer states that his air conditioner cools for an hour or two, then it blows warm air and keeps repeating this cycle and his home is constantly getting hotter.

A/C Repair: These symptoms were due to a condenser fan motor that was overheating due to bad bearings. The ac unit would work fine when the motor first starts and runs, but after a while (due to the loose bearings) the motor would overheat, causing the compressor to over amp/over heat and shut down by its internal protector. Once the compressor and fan motor cooled off, they would start up again and repeat the process.

The condenser fan motor was replaced along with the capacitor that serves this motor. Unit operates normally.

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Air Conditioning Reviews


Easy to work with great service

by George Arechiga

I manage 2 duplex units a total of 4 homes in Arizona and when I need service I call the A/C handyman. He is easy to work with and I don't feel like he is over charging me he has very good rates. And he shows up when he says he will. I really like his service.


Honest Air Conditioner Repair

by Ethel Duplisea
(Mesa, AZ)

Bradley was recommended to me by a family member. It was one of the best reommendations I have received in some time. A/C Handyman is on time, proffesional and charges a fair price. Thank you Bradley.


Quick and Excellent Service

by Russ
(Mesa, AZ)

My A/C wasn't blowing cool, so I called at 7:00 am on a Friday. He showed up at 8:30 (when he said he would BTW) the same day! Added freon, and didn't try any hard sell tactics. Would highly recommend his services.


Delivered on his Promises

by John Birch
(2482 E Waterview Place, Chandler, AZ, 85249, USA)

I saw Bradley's company in a comparison against most all the other Hvac companies in my area... while others sounded good, I was not impressed with what customers wrote about their service and fairness on pricing.... I think Bradley is extremely honest and you really do get pricing that is half of the other HVAC companies... Nice! Bradley is also the owner which I like. Nothing like dealing directly with the person that owns the business that you are buying from!!


Honest Work!

by Leah Vega
(Gilbert, AZ)

We have two air conditioning units in our home, and every year before the hot weather hits we like to get our air conditioning units serviced to make sure they are working in the most optimum condition. The gentleman that came out to service our units was very courteous and professional. I will definitely be using this company in the future for all of my a/c service needs.


Fair, Honest, and Responsive

by Les
(Scottsdale, AZ)

I called Brad early sunday AM. By 10:00 AM, the air was cold and I was relieved not to have a ridiculous bill. I have had some bad experiences with AC companies in the past but his timeliness, friendly manner, and fair prices were a huge relief. Brad's my AC guy from now on... thanks Brad!


Found my AC guy! Thanks

by John Shumway
(Queen Creek, AZ)

I do IT consulting on my own so I thought that there must be smaller companies with hard working honest guys around that do AC work. Google brought up Bradley's web page, and actually read the testimonials and thought I would give him a shot. Bradley came and diagnosed the problem to be a motor, he spent an hour making sure, and returned after obtaining the part and finishing up the other work he had scheduled that day which ended up being 11:00pm to replace it so my family could get some sleep. NO WAY would a large company have come that late, at least not without extreemly heavy fees. Thanks for the fair price and Excellent service!


Quick and good service!

by Joe Andreyka
(Gold Canyon, AZ, USA)

We got fast service when we needed it, and our a/c problems were solved, and our service rep was courteous and dependable.

Thank you! Joe and Janice Andreyka


Quick Service!

by Valerie & Don
(Apache Junction, AZ)

Brad had all the parts necessary for fixing our unit quickly. I would highly recommend his services. The charges were very reasonable.

Thank you for your expertise and very Quick Service!


Excellent Service and Knowledge

by Randall Thompson
(La Habra, CA)

I live in California and own a rental in Mesa, Az. I have used Brad as my A/C guy for a few years now because he is always there when I need him and I feel that he is honest and upfront with all details of the job. He knows A/C repair very well and gets right to the problem. Being from out-of-state I feel vulnerable to unreputable servicemen. I feel lucky to have found Brad.


Quality Service That is Reliable and Dependable

by Laura Foster
(Phoenix, AZ)

Brad is the AC expert that I rely on for all repairs and questions. In fact, we are buying a new A/C unit through Brad and he will be installing it this month! I recommend him to all of our friends. He is honest, extremely knowledgeable and reliable. He comes when you need him and you can always bank on what he tells you!


Dependable, Professional Service

by Doug Hersho
(Houston, Texas)

Having a rental property in Gilbert Arizona while living in Houston Texas requires reliable contractors that you can depend on for servicing. A/C Handyman has filled this requirement beyond expectations. One phone call is all it takes and you know that you don't have to worry about constant followup. Bradley will see to it that the problem is analyzed, reported back to you and repaired as required professionally. I highly recommend their service.